• Single version of the truth – no more islands of data and SQL queries and Excel-Marts
  • Improve productivity of your data analysts by more than 50%
  • Derive more value from IT assets – both personnel and hardware
  • Provide decisions makers with the right data at the right time


Digital Supply Chain

Pure play e-tailers are fast gaining ground across sectors. Retailers, more now than ever, need to have a clear strategy to combat this and propel their Omni-channel journey at a faster pace. Strategic supply chain innovations are a way forward.

Keystone has created sophisticated supply chain solutions when existing vendor supplied products don’t suite our clients’ strategic needs. Some key areas that we have addressed are:

  • Inbound receipts forecasting
  • Order Allocation in a large scale Omni-channel fulfillment network
  • Estimating outbound loads

Application Engineering

Do you have to manage more than what you think is feasible on a shoe-string IT budget? Despair not. Keystone Logic's off-shore services can be leveraged to keep your IT initiatives and vision on track while avoiding high costs. We deliver world-class software, backed with performance guarantee. In essence we partner with you in every respect.

Keystone’s Engineering Services unit enables you to maximize value from your IT spend and accelerate your return on investments.

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Manhattan Associates

Supply chains are the backbones of companies across verticals. Excellence of organizations is largely predicated on the agility and strength of the supply chain and systems; distribution centers or warehouse play a significant role. A high performing supply chain invariably opens us new vistas of opportunities and enables organizations to growth and gain market share and increase customer loyalty.

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Business Intelligence

“Measure what is measurable, and make measurable what is not so.”Galileo Galilei

As organizations grapple with ever rising amounts of data and the challenges associated with making sense of it, BI solutions typically emerge on the scene.

When IT and marketing budgets are limited, companies need to make better sense of available data so that wise investments can be made to generate higher ROI.

...Business Intelligence