• Omni-Channel fulfillment has changed the game significantly for Wholesalers. With the right strategy and systems, Wholesalers can have a thriving direct-to-consumer footprint, expanding their revenue stream while improving their brand visibility


A brave new world for Wholesalers

Wholesaler’s both big and small have a great opportunity in-front of them to jump into the Omni-Channel train and gain new customers. This needs a more streamlined distribution strategy to handle the new channels which can be enabled by modern fulfillment systems and automation strategies.



Wholesalers can utilize their existing brand awareness and jump start a direct-to-consumer channel. It is proven beyond doubt that most consumers today are using mobile phone to research, stores to get a feel for what they want to buy and then find the best channel to place the order. Wholesalers can utilize this to their advantage and reach to end-consumers directly.