Test Management

Many organizations still use Excel for test case management and there is inherently a lot of manual work in orchestrating targeted testing. Regression testing is a challenge and identifying required test cases is more an art than science.

Keystone’s test management and test orchestration tool facilitates simple and cost-effective management of ongoing testing activity:

  • Enables cross-referencing tests cases across multiple dimensions
  • Allows multiple users to collaborate and use a central repository
  • Individual tests can be assembled using the repository and tests orchestrated

Performance Engineering

Most Omni-channel companies prepare year round to ensure they can fulfill customer orders during the peak season(s). Loss of uptime or reduction in performance means significant hit to revenue and a drop in customer satisfaction. All of this can be avoided by a well engineered and sustained performance engineering strategy.

Keystone has developed frameworks for both Jmeter and LoadRunner that will enable you to:

  • Develop rapid performance scripts
  • Create requisite amount of historical data
  • Handle test scenarios across multiple protocols

Application Automation

Today’s rapidly evolving environment needs software teams to deliver code faster. CI/CD and Agile development methods have changed the game. To keep testing cost low and deliver faster, Automation is the answer!

Keystone’s Selenium based framework enables you to accomplish:

  • Significant savings in regression test efforts and reduction in testing effort
  • Rapid automation
  • Integrated testing with tools like Jenkins and Jira