Peak Readiness

For a great e-commerce experience

A testing offering to ensure a smooth online shopping experience when it matters the most.

The "Rush Hour Testing" is a unique proposition where different types of testing are packaged as an offering. The objective of this testing package is to ensure that the online applications are ready to handle sudden increase in volume of business during sales as Black Friday Sale, Thanks Giving Day, Christmas Sale etc. This package includes four different types of Non-functional and operational testing and different reviews 1. Performance Testing and Performance Engineering 2. Security Testing 3. CX (Customer Experience) Testing 4. Evaluation of DR plan and BCP

Key Performance Indicators

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Keystone team, Thank you for all your hard work in getting us here.  Some of us had the opportunity to present results (brag J ) to our company’s leadership team.  It was well received and we were very proud of what we have all achieved together.  The data below speaks volumes about the work you all put in.  Congratulations, and can’t be