• Single version of the truth – no more islands of data and SQL queries and Excel-Marts
  • Improve productivity of your data analysts by more than 50%
  • Derive more value from IT assets – both personnel and hardware
  • Provide decisions makers with the right data at the right time

Supply Chain Analytics


Leverage Keystone’s proven expertise in Big Data and Machine Learning to power your decision-making strategy. Talk to us today

As organizations grapple with ever rising amounts of data and the challenges associated with making sense of it, Advanced Analytics solutions typically emerge on the scene.

When IT and marketing budgets are limited, companies need to make better sense of available data so that wise investments can be made to generate higher ROI.

Another point to that is favourable to investing in BI now is the overall services climate and pressure on pricing that service providers are facing. In essence you can get more done for less.

At Keystone Logic, we have a long and proven history of delivering custom BI solutions that have added tremendous analytical capabilities while enhancing the accuracy of the decisions made. Our solutions have streamlined the error prone 'islands of data' into a consolidated enterprise warehouse with significant impact on enterprise reporting and analysis.

What can Keystone do for you:

  • Federate data from numerous data sources and achieved the 'single version of truth'.
  • Provide a self-service reporting and analytics capabilities.
  • Increase data integrity while reducing administration cost.
  • Achieve standardization of business definitions across the organization.
  • Enable your analysts to spend time on analysing the data and not in 'getting to the data'.
  • Build predictive models to help anticipate events that impact your business