I have had the pleasure of working with the Keystone Logic team while managing our MicroStrategy business intelligence solution for Working Assets. Ravi was with the project from the beginning - developing the data warehouse, all initial attributes and metrics - and working with a very demanding user base to train users on their own Design and Report development projects. Keystone team knows the tool set very well, strives to understand the business logic that needs to drive the technology - and are an extremely responsive group.Karen Choury, Credo


Keystone Logic has been an exceptional partner in our endeavour to establish a captive R&D center in Bangalore, India. We had an aggressive goal of getting our ODC from concept to completion in 6 months time. Keystone Logic took this challenge and built the ODC and successfully transitioned a very capable team in our own facility in less than 6 months. The company bought best practices when it came to hiring and setting up the center. Everyone on the team was gracious, cordial and had the ability to get things done. I want to thank the team at Keystone Logic for a tremendous job and recommend them without any reservations.JP Halebeed, VP R&D, AirWatch


We were looking for a IT Solutions provider who would come in and help overhaul our entire analytic process by federating data from disparate sources and provide a single version of the truth. We also wanted to empower our analysts with state of the art tools with the ability to drill, slice and dice and analyze information on the fly to facilitate rapid decision making. In Keystone Logic Solutions, we found the right partner. Within a short span of six months the Keystone Logic team, equipped with their best practices, was able to perform source system analysis, standardize and define common definitions, design and build a solid data warehouse. They went above and beyond our expectations in also implementing a BI platform that gave us superior capabilities in business intelligence.VP Operations for a major MVNO in the US.